Zeni Koutsi

Zeni is an experienced midwife having a long-standing midwifery career, being trained in Thessaloniki, Greece and receiving her MSc in Midwifery from the University of Nottingham with Merrit. Zeni has worked in various clinical settings both in Greece and the UK, having delved into the full spectrum of the midwifery scope of practice.

Zeni moved into clinical research and maternal medicine as a specialised senior midwife before clinical teaching and then Higher Education became her focus since 2014, as an experienced Lecturer. Finding a balance between providing complex maternity care and offering choice and respectful care to all women and birthing people has been on the forefront of Zeni’s professional ethos. Zeni’s additional passion has been infant feeding and Public Health, having also officiated as the co-lead of the SouthEast England BFI UK and been part of the BFI Infant Feeding Network.

Zeni is the Chair and co-founder of the Hellenic British Midwifery Association (HBMA), which has been a continuous intrinsic drive to ensure that fellow diaspora midwives receive the support and care that they need, and that HBMA is part of the global midwifery network and key maternity care actor related to public health developments in Greece and the UK.

Zeni has recently moved to the UAE and is looking forward to exploring midwifery and maternity care and education in the Middle East.