Joining a midwifery association, such as HBMA, is a pivotal step in one’s journey, combining individual with professional and organisational growth. Midwifery associations are strongly advocated by the International Confederation of Midwives (ICM, 2024).

Joining HBMA will enable you to have access to our expert guidance, encouragement, collaborative and dynamic learning. If you are a ‘newcomer’ to UK, you will be able to access a tailored and person-centred support making this life-changing transition smoother and kinder. 

Your membership fees will contribute to the sustainability of the association, enabling us to develop and maintain valuable resources, organise events, and advocate for the diaspora community and the advancement of the midwifery practices in UK and Greece, and even globally. 

Together, we become a powerful force for positive change in the field, influencing policies, promoting best practices, and championing the well-being of both midwives and the communities we serve. By joining, you not only invest in your own development but also contribute to a collective effort that shapes the future of the midwifery and healthcare landscape.

Your support is invaluable and appreciated. 

Types of Membership

You can choose among various categories of membership and these are based on annual renewal.
Pricing is subject to your chosen membership.

Full Membership

To become a ‘full’ member of HBMA, the applicant should be a qualified midwife, as per the ICM definition of a midwife...

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Student Membership

To become a ‘student midwife’ member of HBMA, the applicant should be a student midwife (pre-registration)...

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Associate Membership

To become a ‘non-midwifery’ member of HBMA (i.e. other health care practitioner (HCP) or a member of the public), the applicant should...

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Honorary Membership

The elected Board has the option to add honorary members and advisory members whose role would assist HBMA to achieve its aims, objectives and vision, and to further benefit...

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