Eirini Platsa

Eirini is a Chief Quality Officer (CQO) with a trademark for diagnosing, resolving, and transforming health organizations-quickly- into hypergrowth with quality and productive services which benefit not only the investors and the patients but also the entire local and/or national community. She also served as a midwifery leader in top-tier hospitals and governmental posts in the UK for over 14 years.

 She is a Board member, operational lead, service development lead with rare and diverse experience within the health sector (public and private) and the policy making system. International external operational inspector with experience in assessing, developing, and implementing QMSs.

Eirini is also a researcher, mentor and project lead on national and European projects. She is responsible for managing operations processes and systems to ensure high level of efficiency, patient satisfaction and profit.

Αll of the above roles require not only excellent strategic planing, organizational, communication, and problem-solving skills, but also skills on building a team from the ground up.  Directing recruitment, hiring and training to energize business and/or project development, alongside with the ability to persevere, taking calculated risks and tapping into your emotional intelligence on any given case.

Eirini has a burning passion in archeology, astrophysics and cosmology. She also loves volleyball to the bones.

Contact: irrplatsa@icloud.com